The leader of the cacti and Cactuars is an ancient cactus named Marnela (meaning "Grandmother" in the Cactuar language), who has a special bond with a young Al Bhed boy named Benzo. Benzo is the only person who is able to understand their language. The Cactuars in this area appear as realistic cacti. It is explained that the cactus stage is how Cactuars appear when they are born, then later in their lives, they uproot themselves and become what players know as a Cactuar. When they reach a certain level of maturity, they root themselves again, becoming cacti once more.


1000 needles: fires 1000 cactus needles at its enemies

Escape: runs away from the battle

Oversoul ability:

3000 needles

Blinding\Burning\Chilly\drowning\maddening\quiet and tingling merridan: inflicts damage and _____ debuff

Blizzaga: major ice attack

Firaga: deals fire damage

Thundaga: deals electrical damage

Waterga: deals watery damage

Fiend Arena Abilities:

1000 needles

10000 needles

White whirlwind: heals allies 3/8 and ends debuffs

Quick attack

Mighty guard: protects, shells, regen and haste on ally team

Meteor: summons a 12 meterors on enemeis

Hastage: applies haste to ally team

firework: attack that harms enemy team, ignores defencive moves


Cactaurs have a lot of health, and the absorb bullets like a sponge, typically charging up his 1000 needles. And later flee if he waited to long. he sticks out like a sore thumb, shoot it to death, and don't let him flee.