Maverick is proud of her Latin heritage, of the Valkyrie insignia she wears, and of her collection of late 20th-century pop culture memorabilia -- right down to her call-sign, a throwback to one of her favorite old movies. Her best flight instructor may have felt she embodied too much of the recklessness associated with that name, but could never contest the passion she devotes to her job.


Afterburners: Jetpack for horizontal movement, uses fuel

Hydra: mini gun

Pulsar: blast of displacement afterburner fuel

Starfall: falls to the ground, leaving a low gravity pocket

Meteor Shells: throws five mini grenades


Vanguards fly by fast, dealing unsuspected quick damage, going in and out quickly. If she looses all her fuels, she will wait until in recharges until it is full, then you strike.

Where does she fit