The Hish-Qu-Ten or the predators, are a race of aliens that are incredibly enthused about hunting. Their range goes from humans to the xenomorph race. Then, they take tge skull or skin of their prey to keep as trophies. Their hunts vary from solo to group hunts, they also like to cause more pain and fear in there prey.


super human capabilities

invisibility cloak

Biomask, with thermal, infrared and EM field vision

Wrist gauntlet: 3D Map, power fist, Tekko-Gaki claws, self destruct setting

Wire Net Gun

Smart disc: auto targeting Nagare shurikens

extendable staff

Combat Knife


They like to stay at range from their prey, and cause as much suffering and fear in their prey as possible. But they do like to get up and close to stronger foes. Then often overestimates themselves, and try to be as flashy and effortless as possible, this is an easy weakness to prey on.

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