Smough relished his title as executioner, so much so that he ground the bones of his victims into his feed. He desired to be a part of Gwyn's Knights, but was rejected due to his apparent gleeful love of his work as an executioner as well as his cannibalistic behavior. Smough was one of the few living beings left who was present in Anor Londo, fighting alongside Dragon Slayer Ornstein. When Ornstein left in search of the Nameless King, Smough was given the duty to guard the forsaken city, and was ironically, despite his unholy position as executioner, the last remaining knight of any kind of status to do so. How this happens in relation to the events of Dark Souls is unknown.


Hammer: Smough can do many attacks, from smashing, swinging and charging with his hammer

Jumping: Smough can jump surprisingly high, doing moves like Jumping Hammer and Banzai Jump