Snake Oilers rely on their moxie and chutzpah to tame snakes, their fearlessness to extract potent oils from those snakes, and their cleverness to manufacture and sell potions made from those oils. You've heard Snake Oilers are doing really well out West since The Cows Came Home. Everybody needs potions and hope in these dark days, and also out West is where all the best snakes live.


Deputy Pistol:

Snake Whip: whips enemies and poison them with a snake

Deploy Snake: summons a baby snake with a venomous bite

Shootenanny: shoots randomly into the sky, and then they rain down

Strong Medicine: increases the stats

Bad Medicine: reduces the enemies moxie

Good Medicine: recovers health

Fan Hammer: attacks the same enemy three times

(the following are limited)

Shoot of snake juice: increases item drop bonus

Snake Schnapps: increase muscle, moxie and mystically for a day

Patent Moisturizer: increases AP

Patent liver tonic: immunity to disables, fire and poison

flammable bullet oil: burns enemies that it is tossed on

venomus bullet oil: poison enemies that it is tossed on