If Kerrigan is the Queen of the Zerg, then Zagara is the mother of the brood. Cunning and tenacious, she commands her minions on the field of battle. Encounter her brood and beware: Mess with her children, and you answer to mama.


Creep Tumor: summons a creep tumor that boosts zagara's abilities while in their range

Baneling Barrage: summons three banling to role in a line and explode when they hit a wall

Hunter Killer: summons a baskalis that will attack enemies that come to closes to close o it

Infested Drop: summons a zerg drop pod that releases two roachlings

(she can only choose one of these two, both have long cooldowns)

Devouring Maw: summons a giant-worm-like devouring max that eats enemies within its jaws

Nydus Network: summons one nydus worm at her location, an one by her roachling, she can travel quickly through these, regenerating heath while in them.